Alison Thibault

Vinalhaven - Alison Thibault works out of her studio shop on Vinalhaven. She launched WindHorse Arts in 2000, and has personally crafted each piece from sheets of colored glass, a glass cutter, and a 1500 degree kiln. What emerges from Thibault's kiln are rare pieces of captured light in a brilliant spectrum of colors, that illuminate her studio and customers. Thibault draws inspiration from the landscape -sea and stone, forest and sky- of her island home.

Her journey in glass started with a lost earring. Inspired to make a match for the remaining favorite earring, Thibault learned to fuse glass. Through the convergence of accident and opportunity, art and craft, element and imagination, Thibault continued to learn and grow, bringing color and light to beloved customers new and old. 

WindHorse jewerly has been a catalyst for Vinalhaven connections throughout the world. Most recently, WindHorse customers have recognized each other by their jewelry in an airport in Australia and in a Hannaford's grocery store in Portland, Maine.