Leave Some For Seed - HC

Islandport Press, Inc.
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The latest publication 
from one of Maine’s most revered sporting artists and outdoorsmen, Leave Some For Seed is an 
illustrated celebration of the natural beauty and sporting legacy that 
provides the backbone of Maine’s cultural heritage. With words and pen-and-ink illustration, Tom Hennessey renders the charm, beauty, and attraction of the outdoorsman’s life, while 
recounting tales from his own hunting and fishing adventures. This book 
will enthrall sportsmen (and dog owners) of all ages, as well as those in 
generations to come.

It follows in the tradition of Hennessey’s previously published books, Feathers ‘n Fins and Handy to Home, bringing to life many of Hennessey’s favorite moments, landscapes, people, and dogs that have inspired him. As artful as it is entertaining, Leave Some For Seed is a book that will appeal to both nature-lovers and sportsmen with its appreciation 
for the subtle graces of the natural world and the reverence it holds for the sporting life.

 Essays & Artwork by Tom Hennessey