Leecia Price

“My paintings are nature abstracted - more about the unseen than the seen.  The imagery comes from memories, imagination, and intuition but may evoke birds in flight, falling petals, seaweed, moving water, tide pools and other fleeting fragments of natural beauty. The work is textured, layered, and marked showing evidence of my cathartic additive and subtractive process that emphasizes materiality. Hidden within the work is both the awe and joy I find in nature, and my sadness in its decline.”

Leecia Price is primarily a self-educated artist and has been painting full-time since 2005, she holds a B.S. in Ecology.  She worked first in information technology and environmental conservation. While working as a naturalist, graphic design projects lead her towards illustration and painting.  Subsequently, her concern for and curiosity of the natural world are expressed largely through her artwork.  Her lifelong affinity for nature, water, and the sea, are the reoccurring themes of her work.

She continues her art training with accomplished artists and her work is held in private collections across the country.  Originally from the southeast, Midcoast Maine has been her year-around home since 2013.


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