Vessels of Camden

The care and craftsmanship in the art of building wooden vessels has become a thing of the past. Replaced by the fiberglass boats of today, wooden vessels are a reminder of the way things were done in an earlier America. Discover the beauty of these vessels and the history behind them in Barbara Dyer's Vessels of Camden, a unique and engaging tribute to a shipbuilding community. Along with Bar Harbor, Maine, Camden is one of only two towns on the eastern seaboard where the mountains meet the sea. Tourists have been attracted to this picturesque town since its incorporation in 1791, and its coastal location has had a great influence on the town's industries. Shipbuilding played a prominent role in the development of Camden, a development that can be traced through carefully preserved historic photographs. The images in this collection depict approximately 100 years of vessel craftsmanship in
Camden, from 1863 to 1963. The charm and elegance of these maritime gems is sure to take hold of the reader's imagination and elicit visions of sailing the open seas. 

By Barbara Dyer

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