Valentine's Day Truffle Assortment

Ragged Coast Chocolates
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Six perfect, hand-made, heart-shaped truffles snug in a red gift box. 

• Persian Love Caramel: A soft vanilla caramel with cardamom, rose petals and hibiscus, with a whole pistachio thrown into the mix.
• Red, Red Wine: A dark chocolate truffle made with a port-style Maine wine,fortified with Maine maple syrup.
• Peruvian Nights: A dark chocolate truffle made with single origin chocolate from Peru.
• Maine Raspberry: A dark chocolate raspberry truffle in a shell of Venezuelan white chocolate.
• Lemon: A white chocolate truffle center infused with the zest of organic lemons, in a gold flecked Venezuelan white chocolate heart.
• Earl Grey: Dark chocolate ganache infused with Earl Grey tea, in a dark chocolate streaked heart.