Watercolors Throw, Indigo Teal
Watercolors Throw, Indigo Teal Watercolors Throw, Indigo Teal

The Watercolors Throw weaves together art and fine craftsmanship, inspired by the natural beauty of Maine’s waterways. This throw is woven with Ikat Watercolors yarn, which is resist-dyed with all natural indigo to create variegated, painterly shades on each skein. When woven on Swan's Island looms, this color pattern recreates the movement and light of the freshwater that defines Maine’s interior landscape. Because of the unique hand-dyeing process, no two throws are exactly alike. The Watercolors Throw is finished with handwoven silk edges and packaged in the signature linen gift box.

Content: 100% organic Merino wool, hand-dyed with natural dyes. Silk trim.
Origins: Woven and dyed by hand in Northport, ME.
Care: Professionally dry clean