Small Ceramic Horseshoe Crab

Kai Evenson
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Much like the lobster, Horseshoe Crabs have an iconic place in New England. They seem otherworldly—captivating, prehistoric forms virtually unchanged for hundreds of millions of years. While their populations have declined precipitously, Horseshoe Crabs remain inextricably linked to our heritage in New England, as well as to our personal experience of nature and the beauty of the north Atlantic coast.  

  • Body: ~4" 

  • Tail: ~4" 

  • The tail is a separate piece that attaches to the main body via a strong magnet. This allows you to select the position 

  • Glossy copper is shown in the foreground of the photo and bronze in the background 

About the creator:  Merrymeeting Clay is a small ceramics studio created through a partnership between Jackie and Kai. They are a married pair of lifelong crafters (Kai) and visual artists (Jackie) who believe that the objects we surround ourselves with have a direct impact on the quality of our lives. To learn more about Jackie and Kai and see more of their work click here.