On Harbor's Edge, Book One: 1912-1913 by Kate Hotchkiss

Custom Museum Publishing, Inc.
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When an unsuspecting bride gets into a boat one stormy June day in 1912, Thaddeus takes her far out to sea to the end of Popplestone Isle. There, harbor folk welcome Mildred with hopeful joy, but she discovers the tiny fishing hamlet may be headed for a most dreadful end. In her efforts to save their treasured island home, Mildred must risk losing everything she holds dear. 

On Harbor’s Edge is the first story in a series of dramatic, generationally layered tales from 1912 to the present, against the backdrop of a magnificent Maine coast scenery. While the Popplestone Isle drama is fictional, some of the hurdles Mildred May Gale and her neighbors face starting over a hundred years ago still challenge those on small islands today.

Published by Maine Author's Publishing down route 1 from Archipelago in Thomaston.