Maine Sea Scrub 4 oz

MAINE SEA SCRUB - Shed your winter skin! This scrub combines real Maine ingredients like Maine sea salt & Maine digitata seaweed to polish and rejuvenate your skin.

DIGITATA SEAWEED - you'll notice softer skin right away when using digitata seaweed. It grows in turbulent waters off the coast of Maine and has a mild, sweet scent. The alginates present in this seaweed remove heavy metals from the body and provide vitamins and iodine. It is hand-harvested by a seaweed enthusiast that we love to support!
MAINE SEA SALT - harvested on the Northern coast of Maine and sun-dried. We love supporting local businesses and showing off the bounty of the Maine coast. This Kosher sea salt is un-refined so it contains more nutrients for your skin.
SUNFLOWER OIL - We use organic sunflower oil to moisturize the skin while you exfoliate.
LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL - soothing and refreshing, like a trip to the Maine coast! Known for it's anti-inflammatory and calming properties.
PINE ESSENTIAL OIL - what says Maine more than pine?! But did you know, it's also antibacterial and super energizing?​

DIRECTIONS: best for use as a body scrub. massage into wet skin. rinse. *oils in this product may make tub/shower base slippery* discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. for external use only.

INGREDIENTS: Maine sea salt, Maine digitata seaweed, sunflower oil*, lavender essential oil*, pine essential oil*. *certified organic

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