Ceramic Horseshoe Crab, Large
Ceramic Horseshoe Crab, Large Ceramic Horseshoe Crab, Large

Much like the lobster, Horseshoe Crabs have an iconic place in New England. They seem otherworldly—captivating, prehistoric forms virtually unchanged for hundreds of millions of years. Yet Horseshoe Crabs also possess unique blood cells called amoebocytes that have been used by medical researchers for decades to help insure the safety of medical equipment and intravenous drugs. 


While their populations have declined precipitously, Horseshoe Crabs remain inextricably linked to our heritage in New England, as well as to our personal experience of nature and the beauty of the north Atlantic coast. 


Merrymeeting Clay has made these ceramic New England Horseshoe Crab as an homage to this history: a reflection of maker's appreciation for nature and an attempt to crystallize those early summer memories in a sculptural form that can sit comfortably on an office desk or hang elegantly on a wall…always ready to remind us of our own past and our connection to the wider natural world around us.


Large ceramic horseshoe crab measures approximately:
Body: 9.5", Tail: 7"

Tail is a separate piece that attaches to the main body via a strong magnet. This allows you to position the movement of the crab on your wall or desk based on what suits you.


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