Fuzz, Feathers, and Flight

Fuzz, Feathers, and Flight is a book of many journeys, all set in a village called Harborside on the seacoast of Maine. The year is circa 1939, when the world was a different place.
There is the poignant story of a young lad’s love and devotion to a pair of seagulls as they grew from fuzz-ball chicks to feathered birds and then to flight, all in the lad’s care.
And there is a wicked good tale about how a neighbor retrieved his rifle from the bottom of an eight-foot-deep cesspool, as well as the story of how the rifle got there in the first place.
The adventures are peppered with a bit of subtle Maine wit, and what’s more, they are true! A bus to nowhere? Of course. Since nowhere could possibly be better than Harborside, nowhere is the place to go.

Written by Bob Barker

Illustrated by Leslie Moore

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