Dryer Ball Set

No more need for dryer sheets! These 100% wool dryer balls stay in your dryer from use to use and help soften and aerate your laundry for a faster dry time. Dip in essential oil if you desire a pleasant scent.

Set of 4 in drawstring bag with instructions. Each wool dryer ball is 3" in diameter.

Six reasons to switch to dryer balls: 

  • Eliminates Static
  • Shortens drying time by 20% - wicks moisture & creates space
  • Reduce wrinkles as they tumble and soften your laundry naturally
  • Reuse for 1,000+ loads - just leave in the dryer ready to go for the next load
  • Scent as you wish with your preference of essential oils
  • Wool Dryer balls are hypoallergenic and replace hazardous chemical-filled*, synthetically scented dryer sheets.

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