Cumberland Ctr Bracelet
Cumberland Ctr Bracelet Cumberland Ctr Bracelet Cumberland Ctr Bracelet

The Cumberland Center Bracelet is equal halves yin and yang - half solid, half free-flowing - making this a well-balanced accessory for every day or when balanced is called for. Half the bracelet is a cold hammered band that matches with the other half of hand-worked sterling links and lobster clasp.  

  • Medium: ~ 7 1/4"  
  • As the bracelet is handmade, it may vary slightly from the photo  

About the creator: Cindy Finamore draws elements from her past to create her jewelry. Many of these elements trigger nostalgia that draws her back in time to her most cherished memories. Nautical charms and rope take her back to Maine’s ocean and Casco Bay where her family spent summers exploring, fishing, boating, swimming, and enjoying all the wonders the bay has to offer. To learn more about Cindy and see more of her work click here.    

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