2 oz. Board Balm

Straight from the happiest bee's of Beeyond Hope Farm- cared for by Jula Sampson (the other half of Oyster River Joinery)

All Natural and Food Safe Board Balm is a protective layer between your platter and the yummies you display upon it. It also helps your platter looking fresh and gorgeous for display purposes.

Board balm is made in very small batches from Local Maine bees wax and food grade mineral oil. The wood balm can be applied to wood cutting boards, wood utensils, wood platters and oiled or waxed wood surfaces to protect them.

Balm is in a 2 oz glass jar with metal lid.

How to use- make sure the wood is dry and clean. Rub a small amount all over with a cloth. Buff after a few minutes.
Wood items protected with wood balm can be cleaned with a mild dish soap and water. Reapply when wood looks dry.


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