Bath Teas
Bath Teas Bath Teas Bath Teas Bath Teas Bath Teas

Bathe in aromatic teas grown in Maine! 

Bath tea can be made in two ways; simply remove the tag and toss the sachet in a hot running bath, or steep it in simmering water on the stove for 10 minutes before pouring the sachet and the hot tea water into a hot bath. Sachets can be emptied into the tub for a truly decadent bath.

Our herbs and flowers are grown, foraged, and dried here at Bee Balm & Nettle in Midcoast Maine. Any sourced herbs are certified organic. Bee Balm & Nettle bath teas are made with medicinal flowers and herbs for a healing, luxurious, bathing experience. 

Quantity of one; Suggested 1 sachet per bath.

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