Around Rockland

Arcadia Publishing
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This wonderful photographic history of Rockland brings to life the story of this dynamic city between 1870 and 1970. Rockland's unique industrial heritage is documented in great detail—particularly lime manufacturing, which has brought national attention to Rockland over the years. Lime burning led to shipbuilding and other commercial endeavors, making Rockland the shipping and quarrying center of Midcoast Maine, and many of the photographs collected here show the proud shipping and quarrying traditions of the city in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Most of the images that have been selected for this book are rare and previously unpublished, and many of them—although they may have seemed commonplace when originally taken—give us a tremendous insight into the way life was lived in the last century. At once comprehensive and accessible, this delightful book will earn a lasting place on the bookshelves of area homes and cottages, as well as in the hearts of Rocklanders young and old alike.

By Shore Village Historical Society