American Seafood

Barton Seaver, renowned author and chef, is proud to introduce his latest work. A book for foodies, anglers, cooks, and history buffs, American Seafood is the essential guide to more than 500 species, as well as a riveting history of one of our country’s most iconic industries.
At the heart of the narrative are exhaustively researched, vividly detailed culinary and anthropological sketches that provide a master class in all of the dynamic ingredients the sea has to offer. Through essays, masterfully written in Seaver’s elegant and authoritative prose, and thoughtfully curated artwork, this 528-page book supplies a refreshing, fascinating, and timely social history of our maritime nation, one built upon the bounty of America’s oceans and fueled by the dreams of generations of immigrants.

Barton Seaver is one of the world’s leading sustainable seafood experts and educators. After an illustrious career as an award-winning chef, he became an Explorer with the National Geographic Society. His expertise has garnered him positions with the United States Culinary Ambassador Corp, the New England Aquarium, and the Harvard School of Public Health leading initiatives informing consumers and institutions about how food choices promote healthier people, environment, and thriving communities. Published in 2017.

An internationally recognized speaker, Barton is also the founder of Coastal Culinary Academy and, a multi-platform initiative that seeks to increase seafood consumption through seafood-specific culinary education for all levels of cooks. 

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