Rockland - "I was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and grew up in Windsor, near the Farmington and Connecticut Rivers.  I had already decided to be an artist by age five, according to my mother.  Drawing, reading, making things, building with blocks, and playing and exploring in the woods were all part of becoming an artist and naturalist.

I began painting landscapes in gouache while also designing paper dolls (Leopold the Frog, Natasha the Ballerina and other fantastical characters) for B. Shackman Company of New York.  I began painting in oils again in 1999, helped by a private grant and a month at the Vermont Studio Center.  I began painting in the island woods, where encounters with birds and animals, from sightings to calls, began to blend my passions for wildlife – the life of my familiar woods – and for representation of the lights, darks, and complex visual pattern of the spruce forest."

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