Monkey Fist Cork Stopper
Monkey Fist Cork Stopper Monkey Fist Cork Stopper

Remember your love of the sea and coast with the monkey fist stopper. This sailing knot is perfect for reminding you of sunning days spent out on the water or exploring the Maine coast!   

  • Stoppers measure approximately 2.75″ long (4.25″ overall) 

About the creator: Meg Reilly is a crafty Mainer who loves sailing the deep waters and exploring the craggy beaches around Penobscot Bay. For years she's worked out of her house, making traditional knotwork into Bristol-fashion nautical decor, accessories, and pet toys. To learn more about Meg and see more of her work click here. 

What is a monkey fist? The monkey’s fist knot is most often used as the weight in a heaving line. The line would have the monkey’s fist on one end, an eye splice or bowline on the other. A lightweight feeder line would be tied to the bowline, then the weighted monkey’s fist could be hurled between ship and dock. The other end of the lightweight line would be attached to a heavier-weight line, allowing it to be drawn to the target easily. 

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