Chocolate For Beginners

Ragged Coast Chocolates
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Have you ever wanted to try your hand at making chocolates at home, but were intimidated by the complicated tomes on chocolate making that seem to be written for some arcane order of erudite culinary magicians, unfettered by work, chores, family, and other things that constitute everyday life? Well, Kate Shaffer of Ragged Coast Chocolates, wrote a book just for you.

From Easiest Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse to Soft Bourbon Caramels in Chocolate Domes, progess through easy to difficult recipe tutorials to learn essential chocolate making techniques. It has simple, detailed instructions on how to make professional quality chocolates and confections, using time-honored methods and pure ingredients. It covers dozens of techniques (including troubleshooting tips) as well as offering 65 delicious recipes with which to practice them.

 About the creator: Ragged Coast Chocolates was founded by Kate and Steve Shaffer who started their business on the island of Isle au Haut. They have since moved to Portland where they work with Maine farmers to gather ingredients for their delicious chocolates. To learn more about Ragged Coast Chocolates and see more of their products click here.