2022 Island Journal
2022 Island Journal 2022 Island Journal

The Island Journal, an annual publication of the Island Institute, offers insights into island and coastal life through personal profiles and stories, fiction and poetry, and stunning photography and art. 

The Island Institute is a donor-supported, nonprofit community development organization that works to sustain Maine’s island and coastal communities. To learn more, visit www.islandinstitute.org.

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Table of Contents

Thoughts on Leadership   
By Emily Lane

The Working Waterfront Wars    
By Tom Groening

The Long Journey from Boat to Plate     
By Laurie Schreiber

Fifty Years of Cleaner Water        
By Frances Mize

The ‘Undeclared War’ on the Reviled Cormorant       
By Dana Wilde

Objectively Caring for Her Community
By Tom Groening

On the Runway and the Gangplank        
By Jack Sullivan

Climate Activism’s Next Generation       
By Amy Rawn

Monhegan’s Tara Hire: Be Creative, Work Hard          
By Tom Groening

On a Following Sea 
By David Shipler

‘In Conversation’ with Mother, Daughter Painters     
By Lisa Mossel

The Illustrator’s Island       
By Carl Little

When the Irish Invaded Canada  
By Christopher Klein

A Century Ago, Children Were Seafood Processors    
By Rebecca Pritchard

What We Mean When We Say ‘From Away’    
By Dana Wilde

My Downeast Adventure has a Surprise Ending          
By Mark Macey


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