"My experiences aboard ship with my Norwegian-born fisherman father and as a crewmember on a commercial tuna boat, and my annual trips to Monhegan Island, inform much of my sea-related imagery. I work in series: “Sanger Fra Mor (Songs for My Mother),” “Songs for My Father,” “Memento Mori,” and “Ocean Blues” all incorporate sea-related imagery but also feature a cast of characters, including dancers, cowboys, classical figures, and symbols. My romantic view of the sea has changed as I witness the existential threats to our “water planet” and the degradation of the fisheries due to industrial waste, acid rain, and global warming. My most recent series, “Ocean Blues,” reflects these threats."

Michael's work is on display in the gallery as part of "Currents and Channels: Four Coastal Maine Artists" through September 25th. 


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