Maine's endless forests, rocky shores, and ubiquitous water bodies are my most treasured places and inspiration.

My paintings start with a subject's perceived value, beauty, grace or rhythms.  Imagination, abstraction, and some degree of reality guide me in an explorative journey.  Along the way I add interesting unknowns, gestural marks, and evidence of my interactions with the materials to distill a personal translation.

I present the viewer with an image they may connect with, and translate into their own personal story; ideally an interesting and unique aesthetic experience.

A full time, professional artist Leecia Price (b. 1962) is known for her atmospheric landscapes of the Maine coast.  She has painted for over 14 years and exhibited in Maine and Florida.

While working in conservation as a naturalist, graphic design and illustration lead her to painting.  She credits her study of plant and bird identification with teaching her to see rather than just look. Even so, her recent work relies as much on imagination as observation. Living aboard and traveling on a sailboat for several years sealed her lifelong affinity for water and the sea, a reoccurring theme in her work.

As an oil painter and beekeeper she learned to create both hot and cold painting mediums from her extra beeswax.  She combines them with oil paints and sticks, dry pigments, commercial wax products, Asian paper, and found natural materials such as ashes from her wood stove and beach sand. 

Leecia's work is on display in the gallery as part of "Currents and Channels: Four Maine Coast Artists" through September 25th. 


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