Kristin Dennison

Montville, ME - Krissy started making pottery 20 years ago as an apprentice on Cape Cod, Ma where she grew up. She continued making pots and learning new techniques throughout college at UMass Dartmouth. About 5 years ago, she and her husband, Nate, packed up their home and relocated to Montville, Maine with their two little girls. Since moving there, Krissy has been able to set up her studio in their back barn and can happily fire her big propane kiln under the stars. Most of her work is in stoneware clay, a favorite for its durability and organic color and texture. Most things are thrown on the wheel, but she also dabbles with slab work and hand sculpting. Inspired by nature, she keeps natural colors and textures in her pieces. Krissy formulates her own glazes so is constantly playing around with new variations and combinations. Her cone 10 (about 2300 degrees) firing process is lengthy and yields interesting and sometimes unexpected results. Her and her husband's studio is located deep in the woods of Maine but not too far from the salty coast; they wouldn't have it any other way.