Hannah Myers

Portland - "Near & Native creates simple, trend forward jewelry and coconut wax candles in my Portland, Maine studio," Hannah says. 

"Product design started as a personal endeavor while 10 years into a career as a buyer for national retailers. In 2017, I left my life in corporate retail behind and moved to Maine to work on Near & Native full time. I soon added a line of coconut wax candles inspired by the woods, ocean and and mountains of Maine. I love doing things the old way to create beautiful, affordable, Maine made products to both retailers and individual customers across the United States."

Refillable jars. "Send Near and Native this empty jar (or any container) and we will refill with one of our signature scents for about half the price of buying new candles. We believe in extending the life cycle of beautiful products by reducing waste and using sustainable ingredients."  Hannah's products lead the way in sustainability. Thank you, Hannah!