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Wild Maine Blueberry: A customer favorite, Bar Harbor Tea is very well known for this selection. Black tea loaded with locally-grown wild Maine blueberries. Very popular year round, it tastes great served hot or iced. 

Contains: Organic black tea, local wild Maine blueberries, flower petals, natural flavor


Breakfast Blend: It's Maine in a cup. This wonderful selection delivers you to a Bar Harbor state of mind, regardless of where you may be. The very first sip transports you to our rocky coast, waves crashing against ancient granite rock as the fog rolls gently in; the mist kissing your cold cheek. It delivers a tasty, satisfying, hearty cup. An absolute MUST-have in the collection of any black tea drinker.

Ingredients: Black Tea


Earl Grey: Inspired by the luxurious tranquility of Provence, this blend pairs the finest French lavender with natural oil of bergamot, resulting in a delightful cup of Earl Grey. The pure, natural flavors combine perfectly into a pleasant and memorable cup of superb quality.

Ingredients: organic black tea, natural oil of bergamot, dried French lavender, natural flavor


New England Maple: Savor the essence of sugar house maple in this unique black tea. A perfect accompaniment to a traditional New England-style breakfast, or just a maple pecan scone.

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea,  Natural Flavor


Blueberry Tea Sample Pack: Wild Maine Blueberry Black Tea, Wild Maine Blueberry Green Tea, and Wild Maine Blueberry Fruit Tea (herbal)


Flavors of New England Sample Pack: Wild Maine Blueberry Black Tea, Cape Cod Cranberry Black Tea, New England Maple Black Tea, and Downeast Breakfast Blend


Comes in a box of 15 individually wrapped teabags.