Sundown 16.5x7

"My recent art is about exploring and discovering, drawing from time spent sailing on the coast of Maine and visits up as far as Deer Isle and Acadia. Taking in Maine’s natural beauty with my eyes and heart gives me inspiration to create. As I explore the medium of textile painting I am often discovering the balance between abstraction and representation. I love the colors,patterns and textures in the landscape and strive to capture it’s essence as I paint, creating a rich surface. My process of cutting, piecing and stitching adds abstraction,depth and dimension. My textile art quilts are interpretations of real places and I hope to capture the attention of the viewer by creating a feeling or familiar place to connect with."

Fabric pieces are hand-dyed, painted and/or fringed to made a textured, realistic landscape quilted piece  16.5"x 7" 


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